Comments from Audience Members

Recent feedback from AIA-FLA23

Your talk was thoroughly and thoughtfully entertaining – and on a serious note, challenging in an inspiring and engaging way. You are always welcome at AIA-Florida!  Beverly Frank, President, AIA-FLA, 2023

Thank you for your captivating presentations... We are still receiving positive feedback – you certainly were a fan favorite. The connections you were able to make with architects was impressive – and even more remarkable was your ability to make us all think. Thank you again for a great experience. Kelly Wieczirek, Convention Chair, AIA-FLA23

Other comments

  Sitting down to the @DavidZach lecture at #AIAS #MidwestQuad. Mind, prepare to be blown.

    ––Charlie J Klecha @charliechuck

All in all, David was brilliant and an utter joy to have as a speaker.

    —Grania Chesterton, Event Director, Arc-interiors & BONDdiseñotel

Your presentation was phenomenal in every way, and directly resonated with my membership in a powerful and meaningful manner. I think many of them will remember your presentation for the rest of their lives. It certainly gave me some things to mentally chew on. You also went above and beyond the call of duty by spending several days with my membership and connecting with them personally at many levels.

    —Joshua Caulfield, Executive Director, American Institute of Architectural Students

David was masterful in engaging the audience on the importance of holding dear traditional values and the need to prepare for and capitalize on the changes the future brings. He equally scared us and inspired us with his humor, insight and message that set a positive tone for our conference!

    —Jean Payne, President, Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association

Designers are a unique breed — ask 1000 designers what they think, and you get 1000 different responses. One thing that our delegation of designers could agree upon was that you were able to provoke without offending, to set things in perspective and then question that perspective. Your talk hit that fine balance between entertaining and informative. You have a canny ability to gear a presentation to the audience. Very satisfying! This made my job as project manager much easier.

     —Marc Lefkowitz, Era 05 Global Design Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark

When we were looking to bring in a futurist, there were lots to choose from and it was difficult to sort through them. But then my 14 year old daughter started watching the videos with me and when we got to yours, she said, "Hire this one, he's cool." She was right, anybody who can impress both the people of John Laing Homes AND my 14 year old has something important to say. Thanks for working with us.

    —Larry Webb, CEO, John Laing Homes

The adjustment of your program to meet our specific needs was remarkable and your ability to grasp an audience from the beginning and hold them on your words was extremely impressive.

    —Stephen P. Cortright, Major General, OK Air and National Guard

Beyond the subject matter and presentation I also want to thank you for being the professional that you are. I worry about a lot of things when putting on a meeting for 1000 people but I never worried about you being there when you said you would. I truly mean it. Thank you for staying in touch and letting me know that you had it all under control. You give a great presentation tailored to the subject that we discussed. You stuck to the schedule and handled all of the speaking and traveling details like a professional.

    —Nickolas George Jr., President, Midwest Food Processors Association

You did a terrific job as opening speaker at our statewide convention last week, Dave. Thank you so much for being with us and kicking the audience members’ imaginations into gear! You’ll be glad to know that you were talked about throughout the rest of our convention!

   ––Pat McLaughlin, Illinois Movers & Warehousemen Assn

What can I say – you were fabulous! Your keynote plus three breakouts were all rated "excellent." Not only were you a great speaker with great reviews, you were great fun to have at the conference.

    ––Trudy Aron, Hon. AIA, CAE, Executive Director, AIA-KS